Journal Papers

1. The Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás property and absolute sums (with Y. S. Choi, S. Dantas and M. Martín)
Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics (2019) 16: 73.

2. Analytic structure in fibers of \boldsymbol{H^{\infty}(B_{c_{0}})} (with Y. S. Choi, J. Falcó, D. García and M. Maestre)
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (2020) 488(2), 124088.

3. Norm attaining operators which satisfy a Bollobás type theorem (with S. Dantas and Ó. Roldán)
Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis, (2021) 15 (40).

Accepted Papers

1. The Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás properties in complex Hilbert spaces (with Y. S. Choi and S. Dantas)
Mathematische Nachrichten, accepted, 2020.

2. Group invariant separating polynomials on a Banach space (with J. Falcó, D. García and M. Maestre)
Publicacions Matemàtiques, accepted, 2020.

Submitted Papers

1. On quasi norm attaining operators between Banach spaces (with G. Choi, Y. S. Choi and M. Martín), 2020.

2. Norm-attaining nuclear operators (with S. Dantas, Ó. Roldán and A. Rueda Zoca), 2020.

3. Daugavet points and \boldsymbol{\Delta}-points in Lipschitz-free spaces (with A. Rueda Zoca), 2020.

4. The spectra of Banach algebras of holomorphic functions on polydisk type domains (with Y. S. Choi and M. Maestre), 2020.

5. Daugavet points in projective tensor products (with S. Dantas and A. Rueda Zoca), 2021.

6. On the existence of non-norm-attaining operators (with S. Dantas and G. Martínez-Cervantes), 2021.

7. Some remarks on the weak maximizing property (with S. Dantas and G. Martínez-Cervantes), 2021.

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